Let’s Burn it Down

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ALRIGHT! After the many many days of me saying it would happen, it’s happening!



Okay so what we will need first, is a plane in Maya. Go into surfaces, and create a plane(you can also just go under ‘Create’, click ‘NURBS PRIMITIVE’, and there will be the word ‘plane’ there). After this, assign a shader to it. What this means, is that you will have to go under ‘render’ and you will see the spheres that have different colors and names to them. Select the one that says ‘Lambert’.

Okay, now this is going to be a little tricky. Go into hyper shade now, and select ‘Lambert2’, and then you go to the 3D textures in hyper shade. In hypershade, you will select the one that says “Stucco”. In the attribute editor, you will change the shaker element in Stucco to 30(how I found this was literally to browse around in the attribute editor until I found it). Now, you need to change the channels. Channel1 should be black, and Channel2 should be white. The channels are in the little 3D channel pop up that also comes up when you select a 3D texture.

After this, you will need to connect Lambert to Stucco. To do this, you will need to hold right click the Stucco, and then press “add texture to selected” when you have selected Channel1 beforehand.

Next, you need to add Fractal into the mix (also a 3D texture). Change it’s color to orange, and connect it to Channel2. After this, you need to make a Granite texture(also in 3D textures), and change it’s colors to: Black, Orange, Grey, and Dark Dark red(all of these colors are in the one granite attribute editor). Connect that to Channel1 as well.

Now if you render it, it should look like lava almost perfectly!!!


I’m going to tell you guys that this is a very difficult one to do as a beginner(like me). So, if you get stuck on something, here’s a link to a tutorial that’s a little more detailed.

Lava Tutorial

I hope you guys have a wonderful night guys! I’m sick so, have a good night for me!


Minecraft Player’s Mortal Enemy

•June 20, 2013 • 3 Comments

That’s right! In the next post(which will be tonight), we are going to create lava in Maya. After that one, being in a Minecraft mood, I think we’ll make a creeper. I mean, if that’s okay with you guys. It’s either that or a cute little piggy!

Mothra Would Be Proud!

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Hey Guys! I know that I usually do a lot of video uploads on what to do, but I feel that I will do a regular written post for now. SO! I looked at the Steampunk Bird model in a tutorial, and I know for a fact that even a video submission of that would take about 2 hours to do. And I’m not going to make you sit here for hours trying to watch that. So instead, I found an easier project with wings as well: an animated butterfly.


Okay, first thing we will learn to do is, obviously, make the body. How I made the body of the butterfly was through EP curves. Now, the difference between EP and CV curves, is that EP curves will change the way the curve will look through each added point. So, what you need to do first, is created the curve for the body. When you make it, and you think it needs tweaking, just right click the curve and select “edit vertex”. This lets you move around the points so you can create a better curve.

When you feel the body is perfect, go under “surfaces” and hit “revolve”. Now that the body is done, you should start on the wings. Use EP curves again, and create a wing you like. Now, instead of hitting “revolve” under “surfaces”, you click on the one underneath it called “Planar”. This makes the wings flat and not a giant circle. Now, bring the wing close to the body so it looks connected, and change the pivot point of the wing. To do this on a Mac, you hold down “d”, and you will see a little blue circle. Move that circle to the inside of the body, but close to the wing.

To make the other wing, Go under “edit”, and click “Duplicate Special”. Now the 2nd wing is done. HEADS UP: MAKE SURE THE FIRST WING IS SELECTED BEFORE HITTING DUPLICATE!

Do the same thing with the pivot on it, and you’re ready to move on to antennae. Antennae aren’t needed for a butterfly model, but i like making things anatomically correct(thanks OCD). To do this, make a little EP curve, and then go under “General” and make a circle. Bring the circle close to the curve you just made, and do this step: select the circle, hold “Shift” and then click on the curve. After that, you go under “Surfaces” and click on “Extrude”. Now you made a HUGE tube as your antennae. We don’t need an antennae thicker than the butterfly itself, so you need to thin it out.

click on the tube, and go to extrude1. Where it says “Use Component pivot”, select “Component Pivot”, and click on both square boxes underneath.Then, set the scale to 0.00. Now just move the antennae to wherever you want it to be, and duplicate it to create the 2nd one.

Now, just parent the body to the attachments. To do this, go under Edit and, while selecting the body and an attachment on the body, click Parent. Do this for every appendage. BAM! your butterfly is done!

Now, you guys know how to set key frames and what not, so to make the butterfly flap it’s wings, all you need to do is animate the wings. Animate them in short spaces inbetween. This way, it will give the look that the wings are flapping quickly. Let it move wherever you want it to move and your animation is good!


That’s it for now! If you have any questions, email me at balgowr1@tcnj.edu


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I have officially found a site that gives me great projects for us to try! The one we are going to attempt tuesday(today for me, but it’s 4am here) is a steampunk bird! Now, the video will be very long, but it’s okay. In the meantime, Here is the link to the website if you guys ever want to try out stuff:


For the People Who Want to Know How to Make a Blog

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Alrighty! I’ve been getting a lot of comments in my box(btw, if you don’t see any new comments yet, it’s because i get over a dozen each day and it’s hard to put them up immediately) about how I made my blog. So, since most of the people want to make their own, I’m going to tell you guys how to do it!

What I did was I just created a blog here on WordPress. They give you layouts you can choose from(I chose the structure you see), and they let you pick what you’re going to write about. It’s easy, and a great way to make blogs for first time bloggers; like me!

So, if you guys want to know how much it costs to make a blog, it depends on what you use. If you hire someone, it’s going to cost a pretty dozen pennies or so. I made mine for free, but other sites can let you make one for free as well. You just need to search around is all.

I hope I helped you guys in some way!

Let’s Make Some Good Metal!

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Quick Update

•June 4, 2013 • 7 Comments

Hey guys!

Thank you for being so patient for the next video post. As you know, I am not in school until next semester, so I am looking for new things to teach you. I found a really nice tutorial to create metal in Maya, so when I finish with it(tomorrow) the video will go up. Thank you once again guys!