You’re a Good Man, Gumby

Wow, I am really sorry guys for the delay. I have gotten a lot more hours added to my work schedule as of late, and I just was too tired to find things we can learn together when I got home.

But don’t worry! I am making it up to you by finding a great project to work on! You can literally mix and match with this and make many different things the whole summer.

We are going to create clay models! (In maya of course)



First, you need to create an object that you will think looks cool in clay form. I made an Apple and FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE A STEM. When you are done with the object you made, you want to use the Sculpt tool. To use this, you need to: just right click the object you want to be clay-like, go to the “Paint” selection, and then press “Sculpt”. A window will pop up and you can choose different ways to sculpt the surface. I used “Pinch” and “Pull”.

After that, you need to open Hypershade. If you don’t know where it is, just go into the “help” window and type in “hypershade”. It will bring you to it (I do that all the time). In Hypershade, you need to go to the material you are using, and add a new shader. The shaders are in the “shading” tab in Hypershade. make a new shader, which is a Solid Fractal. This is a 3D Placement shader. Next right click the 3D placement tool, and select “Add to Group Bounding Box”. This will fit it to the object perfectly.


I hope this post was as fun as it was educational!

Have an awesome day guys!!!


~ by shadowdroid677 on July 3, 2013.

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