Object Making in Maya


anyway, since i know more on the software Maya 2013, i will be possibly confusing beginners. If you have ANY questions, once again just e-mail me at balgowr1@tcnj.edu and i can easily help you with any problems or concerns.

The first one to do would be to create an object. This object could be anything you want, it can even be one of the titans from Shadow of the Colossus! my first one was a donut(the picture is my delicious ground donut). what you do is go into the Create box, and click on basic shapes. This will let you choose from simple 3D shapes you can make your object out of. To make a donut, use Taurus(that’s the donut shape). When you click on it, it should spawn onto the grid(main thing you will be looking at) automatically.

Next, make it a size you want. go to the side of the screen, and you will see a little button with 4 arrows coming out of the object. click on that, because that thing is Scaling. with this tool you will be able to make it as wide and as high as you want.

Now you have your object! 😀 woo!

Don’t shade anything just yet, because that will confuse you if you don’t know how to edit the lighting and the problems with rendering.

Next post i will tell you about how to highlight and shade objects (that one is going to be shoooort).

this picture has shading and highlights in it, as well as a background. those you will learn about next post.Image


~ by shadowdroid677 on February 12, 2013.

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